Wiregrass All-Stars prepare for game with Australian national team

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – In less than 48 hours, a major international softball showdown will take place right here in Dothan.

“I think we’ve done just fine,” Kasey Cooper said of Team Wiregrass’ chances of winning. “At the end of the day, you lace up your cleats the same way and line up to play the game.”

A first in Dothan as Wiregrass fielded a super team of college softball players to take on the Australian national team ahead of the World Games in Birmingham.

“It brings a lot of pride and a lot of joy, especially to see how well they come together, and they want to play and they just have fun playing the game here that we all love,” Cooper said of the match. exhibition this week.

15 former Wiregrass softball players from nine high schools come together to take on one of the top international softball teams.

“It challenges you as a ball player to come here and play against the best of the best that you know to be able to compete, you have to be at your best and you know how to take every game seriously and give it your all,” said said Liz Rodebaugh. , current Chattanooga player at the University of Tennessee and Dale County graduate.

These girls not only play against the best of the best, but are also coached by the best. Two former Team USA players in Geneva, coach Ashley Bell and former Dothan High player Kasey Cooper, as well as current Alabama pitcher Jaala Torrence coach these stars.

“It’s great to be able to look up to them and learn from them this week,” Rodebaugh said of the coaching staff.

“We have a little rotation going on and if it’s a bad inning then you get ejected and you have to rotate and if on first base you get somebody caught you’re banned,” Cooper said of the fact. to be in the boxes of the coaches.

The team doesn’t let the stage get too big for them.

“You treat it like any other game, I mean, I feel like that’s what I’ve had the best chance of doing, you know, go out there and play softball than you know how to do it,” Rodebaugh said.

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