Wild Adventures Announces October Festivities


With October finally here and Halloween just around the corner, Wild Adventures has brought its events back from October to the end of the month.

Both of these events are fairly new and fall-themed, based both on Halloween and the season in general, as evidenced by the pumpkin food and pumpkin iconography throughout the park.

The Pumpkin Spice Festival is a gastronomic event, offering four different menus: “Pumpkin-Sized Bites” offers larger meals and snacks, both sweet and savory; “Spicy Snacks” are snacks exclusively, with a wide range of palates, all featuring pumpkin spice in one way or another; “Savory treats” look like fair trade, lighter, cheaper food, and are all sweets; “Sweet Sips” is their pumpkin-themed drink menu, featuring two coffee selections as well as their rendition of an Arnold Palmer. These only last until the end of the event.

Another part of this event kicked off on Friday, September 23, called Great Pumpkin LumiNights. This event features illuminated sculptures made of pumpkin lanterns, from bats and spiders to zoo animals, such as lizards. These sculptures dominate the guests, greeting them with broad smiles that shine as day turns to night.

The event requires a “PSF Passport,” a purchasable item that grants you access to five items of your choice and unlimited sodas, saving you over $ 10 on the event. This event can be accessed in three different ways, one of which requires season tickets.

These “PSF passports” come with three new payment methods. The first, called “Pumpkin Spice Festival Passport Admission Bundle,” is the general one-day ticket for this event. This includes a selection from each food section and two tasty treats, plus additional perks like an unlimited soda bracelet. This package costs $ 59.99 per person.

If you already have a passport, you have access to the “Pumpkin Spice Festival Passport Add-on”. This includes the same offer, but for a big discount, totaling $ 30.99. It adds the same offer to the passport, adding more opportunities to try new foods as you go.

Season Pass holders have access to the “Pumpkin Spice Festival Season Pass Holders Discount”, which entitles them to the cheapest discount on this great deal. They earn everything the passport has to offer, but have dropped to the low price of $ 25.99 for the entire event.

The Festival Passport expansion and discount for season pass holders can be renewed with additional purchases. These events will last until Halloween night and will run throughout the park’s opening hours.

Written by Bailey Wilson, staff reporter. Photo courtesy of Wild Adventures.

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