Was this climber REALLY worth it? Mom influencer LivsAlone reveals


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  • Instagram author and influencer, mom of one, Liv just bought a wall climber for her toddler. And the 26,000 people who follow her have had so many questions about it.

    Next Instagram Livs @livsalone talks about her parenting trials, tribulations, victories and toddler, Herb’s epic wardrobe choices. And also its history; the way she wanted a baby, was single, so she went to get some donor sperm and got Herb.

    Now, three years later, people still ask her for advice on toddler books, where she got Herb’s last camo jacket, and was her new climber REALLY worth it? Well, find out …

    The Wall Climber

    “As a first-time mom, there were lots and lots of questionable buying decisions. Everything is done with the aim of trying to find the mythical “easy life”. A baby fart lifter definitely taking the dubious crown of the Amazon basket at 2:30 a.m.

    However, as if to dig for gold, there has finally been a shining beacon among misguided towel warmers… yes, a wall climber. When it comes to the best Christmas toys, I think this could be the best of the bunch.

    Well my son is 3.5 years old and I have finally found our holy grail of gaming. Certainly this is by far the most expensive kit I have bought. But only three weeks later, it’s worth its weight in sifted gold.

    Credit: LivsAlone / Canva

    This is called a Swedish scale. Which is basically a wall mounted wooden climber. It has attached bars for swinging, a slide for climbing, and hoops to help lower. Basically a little playground on a very small wall at the house.

    While I would like to say that I bought this just to make my son’s eyes sparkle, there is actually a little method in my possible madness.

    Since he was a baby, he has been afraid of heights. When I lifted him over my head – which seems so normal when they’re little – he instinctively put his arms over his face.

    Well that fear grew and many trips to the parks ended up with me stuck in a space specially designed for toddlers trying to get it down a seemingly harmless slide.

    Image of a child climbing on a climbing wall at home

    Credit: LivsAlone

    Method to my madness

    My hope is that if he can play, learn, fall and wrestle in the safety of his own home, without the pressure of naturally impatient kids on the playground, we just might be a winner.

    At the start shy, the slide is already a few rungs higher on the ladder for a steeper slope. The initial “I can’t do this” turned into endless (and I mean endless!) Epiphanies “Mommy look at me”.

    As I look forward to the inevitable fall, I pick up a sheet of the Germans’ playbook. They started to build their playground higher up. It’s about teaching children the joy of problem solving and the nuances of risk.

    Well, that’s what I tell myself, when I see the awfully small protective mat I bought to try and cushion the missteps!

    So, as his gross motor skills are exercised, his fear of gravity hopefully decreases. In addition, I have time to drink a hot cup of tea. I think it’s called… Bingo!

    Wall Climber – Buy Liv’s Wall Climber

    Swedish wooden ladder training wall

    Image of a wall climber against a green background

    Credit: Ebay

    Suitable age: 3 years + | Batteries Required: no | Price: £ 191.80

    An elegant Skandi vibe, this wooden wall climber is sold as a Swedish ladder training wall and home gym for kids. It provides easy installation and hours of fun for your child.

    SEE ON EBAY | £ 191.80

    Best wall climbers for kids

    If this particular wall climber isn’t for you, we’ve found a few that might work below. Happy climbing!

    Climbing triangle with ramp – £ 79.08 | Etsy
    This flexible triangle can be transformed into a Swedish wall in different set options. It is suitable for children aged 6 months to 7 years. A unique and fun wooden playground inside your own home.

    See the offer

    Pikler Toddler Playground – £ 99 | Ebay
    In case you like the idea of ​​climbing inside but are not yet determined to break through your walls. Then try this fully collapsible stand-alone Pikler. Suitable from 6 months and made in the UK.

    See the offer

    Climbing wall – £ 79.86 | Etsy
    Handmade wooden wall climber. Is broken down into a set of three climbing wall sections. Each has 5 colored stones. Order before December 6th and can be delivered before Christmas!

    See the offer


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