Warriors Steve Kerr discusses tough game against Knicks

The Golden State Warriors lost to New York Knicks by a score of 114-116. It was a competitive game all round, but the Warriors’ comeback fell short just after Klay Thompson missed the potentially tying shot. Here are some of the takeaways from the Warriors’ postgame pressers:

Steve Kerr’s thoughts on the game

The Warriors played their second consecutive game after being eliminated by the Utah Jazz Wednesday. They then had to fly home from Utah and play against a physical Knicks team that was off for two days. Fatigue was a factor at times in the game, but the Warriors played with just enough energy to keep things close. Despite the loss, head coach Steve Kerr was proud of how his players fought until the final buzzer.

Here’s what Kerr had to say about his team:

Adding to the emotions, a technical foul was given to Kerr late in the game. Andrew Wiggins attempted a rim shot which drew contact with the defender (the shot hit the top of the backboard and slid into the basket but did not count). However, the contact was not called and Kerr slammed the scorer’s table in frustration, resulting in a technical.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

Thompson on his final buzzer shot

There was a lot of talk about the Warriors’ last shot attempt at the end of regulation. Stephen Curry led the Warriors with 35 points but was used as a decoy in the final game to create an opening for Thompson. Despite strong Knicks defense, Thompson was able to pull off a clean look but was unable to convert the elbow jumper.

Here’s what he had to say about that shot:

Here’s Kerr on Thompson’s shot:

Bounce becomes a problem

One of the most glaring stats in the game was the rebound gap between teams. Golden State had 38 rebounds to New York’s 51, including 5 offensive boards to the Knicks’ 16. Low rebound numbers have become a trend lately and most people attribute it to the lack of team size, but energy and restlessness factor into the equation as well. The team sees these issues as temporary as the return of Draymond Green and James Wiseman should help alleviate this issue.

Here’s what Kerr had to say:

Thompson again insisted on this point:

quote of the night

On a lighter note, here’s a fun moment between Thompson and Curry. During Klay’s post-game presser, Steph stopped by and told him to plug in his new celebrity dating game show.

to sum up

The Warriors have lost consecutive games for only the third time this season. Despite the loss, it was a hard-fought match where the team narrowly missed. They can now rest for Saturday’s prime-time home game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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