Three-year-old girl safe with family five days after disappearance in Darwin, police say



Stevie Booth, also known as Stevie Crowson, was last seen between the playground and the bathrooms at Mindil Beach in Darwin on Friday, December 31. Photo / Supplied

A 3-year-old girl who disappeared on a beach in Darwin on New Years Eve has been found and has been safely reunited with her family.

Stevie Booth, also known as Stevie Crowson, was back with his family today, five days after being seen between the playground and the sanitary block at Mindil Beach in Darwin.

An article on the official Northern Territory Emergency Services Facebook page indicated that Stevie had been found.

“Thank you for everyone’s care and attention and for the efforts of the many people who participated in its research,” the statement read.

NT Police have confirmed to NCA NewsWire that Stevie is safe and with his family.

Police said they had serious fears for her after being informed of her disappearance two days after her disappearance.

The family informed police of the disappearance of the 3-year-old on Sunday evening when officers visited a property in Malak on another matter.

A relative told police Stevie had not been seen since Friday night and they appealed for public help to locate the girl.

Acting Superintendent Mark Malogorski said police are hoping other family or friends have taken over the 3-year-old.

Police say a 3-year-old boy who also went missing in a remote part of central Australia at the end of New Years Eve was mutilated by dogs.

Two large dogs were seized on Monday for forensic examination after a search and rescue operation began in the isolated Aboriginal community of Hermannsburg (Ntaria), 125 miles southwest of Alice Springs, circa 23 hours Friday when his family alerted the police to his disappearance.

The boy was found alive on Saturday and was rushed to the local health clinic where he died shortly after.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Sachin Sharma said on Monday the boy’s injuries were “compatible with animal attack”, but they did not rule out foul play.

Animals are companion animals called “camp dogs”. The owners cooperate with the police.


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