Third NFT Drop Launched for Play-to-Earn Game HexaHero and Metaverse MetaGaia

The launch of the third public sale is live May 27, 2022 and offers 1,200 NFTs in total, with 1,020 available for 0.88 SOL and 180 NFTs available for those who purchase with METG. The presale featured 800 NFTs and sold out in less than a day. See more details about HexaHero NFT here.

Each HexaHero Hero NFT can be used as:

  • A human pilot in the HexaHero play-to-earn game
  • An interactive avatar in the MetaGaia metaverse to gain immersive experience
  • A character in the next MetaGaia games

The full version includes 2,000 NFTs with five rarity levels: Common, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, and Extreme. This drop follows two recent successful NFT launches for the MetaGaia metaverse (Hero NFT Drop 1 & Hexa NFT Drop 1).

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MetaGaia is the first Solana-based earning experience metaverse to allow users to earn crypto in gambling games to earn, socialize, shop and buy, and personalize virtual real estate. HexaHero, MetaGaia’s first play-to-earn game, is a robot battle tournament where users combine Hero and Hexa NFT to engage in one-on-one battles with other players to earn power. crypto. Advocate recently launched its MetaGaia Wallet which enables faster transactions when purchasing MetaGaia NFTs and other digital goods within the MetaGaia metaverse.

In a recent survey out of 1,000 US consumers, gaming and socializing were the top two activities consumers seek to do in a metaverse. Additionally, over 93% of respondents said they want to earn money in a metaverse that can be transferred outside of the game.

“With the official launch of MetaGaia and HexaHero coming soon, we’re excited to announce the third NFT drop, featuring 2,000 unique Hero NFTs – which can be used as playable avatars in our metaverse,” said Gordon Kwok, CEO and Founder of the Advokate Group. “At Metagaia, there’s something for everyone. You can enjoy the best games, socialize, and shop on the blockchain in an immersive metaverse.”

About the Advocate Group
Founded by MIT alumni, Advokate’s leadership team brings business acumen from Blackstone, BlackRock, Sony-Ericsson and Wells Fargo. Advokate has overseen the release of several successful NFT drops and virtual games, and its flagship Solana-based metaverse MetaGaia is the first to allow consumers to play to win, socialize, buy brands, and buy virtual real estate. Final Fantasy game developers, Zynga, waltz disney and Ismole guarantee the best gaming experience.

For more information on MetaGaia, visit the website, Facebook, instagram and Twitter.

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