The city prepares for the big celebrations of the festival

Visakhapatnam: Ganesh Chaturthi is much more than just annual celebrations, as utsav committees, associations and neighborhoods come together to usher in new beginnings and good news.

After a two-year lull, the highly sought-after Ganesh Chaturthi is ready to be celebrated in grand fashion in Visakhapatnam.

Along with residents of various neighborhoods who have elaborate plans to hold pandals and organize events, young people and representatives of merchant associations are showing strong interest in the day-long programs and, in some areas, the celebration s will extend up to 21 days. .

This year, Ganesh Chaturthi falls on August 31 and organizers are preparing for the occasion well in advance. From raising funds to sharing the work, choosing the height of the elephant-headed god to be installed, and planning the theme of the pandals, the layouts are planned on a large scale.

But, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these great celebrations have come to a halt for the past two years. Even when a number of organizers placed hope on the festivities until the last moment, the authorities concerned refused permission as a precaution to control the spread of the pandemic.

But this year, people are eager to make up for the lost two years and take the celebrations to the next level. “Preparations are currently in full swing. Except for the height of the idol to be installed at the pandals, the rest of the work has already started. Once the permission for the height of the idol in the wanted public places is granted, the arrangements would be completed little by little,” says Gopalapatnam festival committee member V Raju.

Meanwhile, Gajuwaka gains prominence during the festivities. Organizing the highest idol of Ganesh, installing a themed pandal and making a laddu mammoth are among the annual celebrations here.

Earlier, the laddu offered to Lord Ganesh even found a place in the Guinness World Records. Like previous editions, this time too Gajuwaka organizers are eager to stand out in their celebrations.

Soon, neighborhoods across the city will take on a festive air as a number of youth and trade associations, including those in Poorna Market and Dondaparti, gear up for the grandeur that the festivities exude.

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