Team Vitality is designing CSGO weapon skins, will they appear in game?

Team Vitality throws its hat into the gun skins ring with its own collection of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins.

Team Vitality has unveiled its first set of custom CSGO skins added to the Steam Workshop. Titled the Rush Hornet Collection, the four skins all have a black and yellow design with a very angry wasp. The set is currently available for vote in the workshop, which is how all successful skin designs eventually become a CSGO case. Could Valve finally entertain Team Vitality and other sponsors with a gamer-designed skin case?

Team Vitality unveiled the custom CSGO skin on August 3, 2022. The promo image features Agent T Mangos Dibisi holding a detailed example of the AWP | Hornet Rush weapon skin. The social media post also includes a link to the official workshop page for the skins. Rush Hornet was designed by nextgenza prominent CSGO skin creator.

The collection includes skins for the AWP, M4A4, AK-47, and Desert Eagle. Each sports a yellow and black palette depicting a hornet near the player’s hand. They don’t seem to have any unique patterns, but maybe the color choice keeps the lower float versions clean. The dart turns smoothly into the trigger of all rifles. All skins also sport a familiar pearlescent effect from the Printstream series.

Will Team Vitality gun skins be part of CSGO?

With more CSGO teams designing custom skins for the content, maybe it’s time to make it official with a professionally designed skin case.

It might initially seem that Valve would want to keep skins designed by other companies out of the game, but there are actually several sponsored skins available in CSGO. The P90 | Trine and M4A1-S | Atomic Alloy were both designs sponsored by third-party matchmaking service FACEIT.

However, these additions were made in the early days of CSGO and may no longer be part of Valve’s protocol. Many designers make their living designing CSGO gun skins, so giving a big company a spot may not be suitable for fans either.

Vitality isn’t the only pro team to dabble in designing its own skins. Team Liquid has created a full set of five skins and an artist has cleaned them up into real workshop items. Valve might release a gun skin crate full of pro gamer designs in the future, but the actual logistics of creating something like this might be difficult.

Even without a dedicated page, Rush Hornet skins could be included if enough fans vote for them on the Workshop.

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