Suspicious death investigated in popular Manchester Park


MANCHESTER, NH – Manchester firefighters and the AMR ambulance responded to a call on Sunday from an unresponsive man in Derryfield Park on Bridge Street in Manchester.

At around 7.40 am, firefighters reported the person to be dead and Manchester police responded to the scene. Police immediately cordoned off large parts of the park with crime scene tape and several patrol cars were parked at the entrances to the park, playground and several sports fields, to keep visitors away from the scene. of crime.

Detectives have been seen door-to-door on Bridge Street and several streets on Bridge Street. A person who arrived to set up one of the sports fields was told the scene was secured by police to search for shell casings. Neighbors who gathered in the park to observe investigators said several of them heard what they believed to be firecrackers earlier Sunday morning. They didn’t know if it was really gunshots.

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In a press release, with limited details, Manchester Police and Attorney General John Formella said officials were investigating the suspicious death of a man in Manchester.

“The man was found this morning in the Al Lemire Park area in Derryfield Park near Bridge Street,” Chief Allen Aldenberg said. “The investigation is ongoing and additional information will be released as it becomes available while protecting the integrity of the investigation.”

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Several people gathered at the edge of the crime scene tape identifying themselves as family and friends of the victim. In emotional pleas, they demanded to see the victim and were turned away while investigators worked on the crime scene. A detective spoke to some family members explaining that this was at the start of the investigation and it would take several hours before access became available. Family members said the man was in his 20s and resided in Manchester.

Police placed evidence markers, photographed the scene, and gathered evidence that was brought to the crime scene truck. A body was visible on the hill leading to the sports field and to the left of the playground.

As more information becomes available, this article will be updated.

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