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School is back and the best way to start the semester is with a warm welcome.

That’s why Welcome Week is one of the best times to be on campus. Welcome Week is filled with fun and interesting events happening all day throughout the week. There is barely an empty space in the calendar.

Although Welcome Week and many events throughout the week were organized by the Campus Activities Council, there were so many other organizations that held events to welcome students.

The students moved onto campus on August 12 and 13, so by Sunday they were all settled in and ready for the festivities.

That evening, the CAB held a game night where students ate pizza and played games for a chance to win prizes. These prizes were sponsored by Warhawk Village Apartments and were worth over $100.

Nail Carley

CAB also hosted a live game show on Wednesday. Dressed in a sparkling silver suit, game show host Joseph Tran was hard to miss. He started the show with a magic trick that involved the students.

From there, they moved on to trivial matters. The students all answered the questions on their phones and laughed as they realized the easy questions they had missed.

Many students attended CAB events.

“The CAB Welcome Week events had great attendance! said Anna Pitney, CAB public relations manager. “One of them brought together 500 people, which is incredible.”

And Home Week just wouldn’t be Home Week without the social lunches.

The food distributed throughout the week was sponsored by Chi Alpha, Student Government Association, CAB and 31 Ambassadors. In addition to food, each social had booths set up where students could participate in different fun activities.

These animation kiosks changed every day, but on Tuesdays, students could have their caricature drawn or a personalized street sign made. One day, therapy dogs were available on the second floor of the library if the stress of the semester came early.

The students shared smiles and laughter as they ate and spent time with their friends. It was a great way to relax before classes started.

Nail Carley

“Everyone seemed to be having fun eating lunch, shopping for t-shirts, riding the waterslide, using the photo booths and more,” Pitney said.

Wednesday’s lunch social was sponsored by SGA where they served Kravins Wings. Many students enjoyed the wings and played on inflatables set up in Bayou Park.

“With a large number of students, we were able to converse with many students showing them our initiative,” said Tristan Sonnier, head of the academic improvement department at the SGA. “We want to be a voice for them.”

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry also held many events earlier in the week. They started Welcome Week with a salsa tasting contest.

The students tried salsa from different restaurants located in the Monroe/West Monroe area without knowing where it came from. Then they picked their favorite and voted for the best salsa.

The results were that El Sombrero in West Monroe has the best salsa in town.

The BCM Luau also hosted many students. The event is usually a welcome week favorite, as students have the opportunity to dress up, eat, and hang out.

“The purpose of the luau was to welcome everyone back to campus, and with that, to hope that it would spark the creation of new friendships as well as reconnecting with old friends,” said BCM President, Jenna Mason.

Pulled pork sandwiches, popcorn and snow cones were all handed out at the luau. Local churches even had members that freshmen could talk to if they were looking for a church to attend nearby.

This year’s Welcome Week exceeded expectations, to say the least. So many organizations organize different events to bring students together.

“Welcome Week is so important because it sets the tone for the rest of the year by creating extremely easy and fun ways for students to participate in campus events,” said Payton Lindstrom, Major of the primary education in the second year. “It also encourages student engagement with each other.”

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