Seeds of Kindness Awards – The Clanton Advertiser

By JOYANNA LOVE / Editor-in-Chief

Ocie Williams and Jimmie Hardee were recognized as this year’s Seeds of Kindness Community Award winners on Martin Luther King Jr. Fun Day on January 17.

The Seeds of Kindness Awards honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. by recognizing those who sowed kindness and hope in the community.

The two winners had addressed the crowd earlier in the festivities as part of comments from community leaders.

“I’m so grateful and blessed to see you all here today, a united front, a front of love,” Williams said.

He said love was the key to joy and peace.

Williams pointed out how God used Martin Luther King Jr the same way Jesus used five loves and two fish in the New Testament to feed 5,000 people – as a way to show love, joy and hope.

“We need to come together as brothers and sisters and walk together,” Williams said.

Hardee said the focus should be on what the community can do together, rather than one person trying to do it all.

“I’m honored to be a part of this,” Hardee said. “I love that we are united together…it’s about love, it’s about working together. It’s about taking ownership of your community. »

The event, organized by Margaret Hawkins of Kids 1st Bridge of Hope, included a prayer walk and parade, free food, information booths and games in addition to prizes.

The prayer march and parade went from Clanton First Methodist Church to Martin Luther King St.

After the walk, the festivities opened with greetings from community leaders and a prayer from Tyler Eiland of the Chilton Baptist Association. In his prayer, he thanked God “for the unity that we have seen manifested already today in this community”.

“God, we pray that in this time of so much division, you will help us to be united in love for one another,” Eiland said.

Hawkins said the community can overcome anything by working with the right mindset.

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