Richmond Hill businesses gear up for St. Patrick’s Day

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) — St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and businesses outside of Savannah are also looking to welcome travelers back as the festivities return to normal.

Restaurants in the town of Richmond Hill, like Molly McPherson’s Scottish pub, say they nearly triple their sales on St. Patrick’s Day. But, with normal festivities on hiatus for the past two years, it means businesses like these have lost crucial travelers coming to town.

“This year, with the return of the parade, we are certainly anticipating a large crowd,” said Elise Courtney, general manager of Molly McPherson’s Scottish Pub.

With normal festivities on hiatus for the past two years, this also meant a break for travelers coming to the Coastal Empire.

“At Richmond Hill, we definitely rely on travellers. With COVID and all that has gone down a bit.

But now that Savannah is gearing up for a near-normal St. Patrick’s Day celebration, businesses in towns like Richmond Hill are looking to cash in.

“It’s a big money day for everyone here. Where most of our sales come from food the rest of the week, on St. Patrick’s Day our bar will be closed all day.

Even though Richmond Hill is 20 miles from downtown Savannah, businesses can still see a big boost. Hotels here may see bookings increase by 20% during St. Patrick’s Day, according to the city’s visitors bureau.

Some towns like Richmond Hill also offer incentives to help convince travelers to stay out of Savannah.

“So they shuttle all day between Richmond Hill and downtown Savannah so people can enjoy the parade and all the festivities,” said Kathryn Johnson, Richmond-Hill Bryan County Chamber of Commerce. .

And as for Molly McPherson’s staff, they hope to see a lot more greenery this St. Patrick’s Day.

“It’s a money-rich day for everyone here and it gives us a chance to wear our green beads and tattoos and have fun with everyone and earn money while we do it. “Courtney said.

And we did research. With St. Patrick’s Day just three weeks away, some of the downtown Savannah hotels we researched are already sold out. But these same hotels here still have availability.

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