Red Bull Street Kings announce return to NOLA

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – The marching band competition that made waves throughout New Orleans in 2010 and 2013 returns to the Big Easy on Saturday, September 24. Red Bull Street Kings is a celebration of brass band traditions, fusing New Orleans’ rich musical heritage with its progressive hip-hop culture. Music Box Village, a whimsical playground for interactive sounds, will set the stage for the long-awaited return of the Red Bull Street Kings as audiences savor classic brass sounds paired with today’s lyricism.

Kings of Brass (KOB), Sporty’s Brass Band, Big 6 Brass Band and Young Pinstripe Brass Band will face off in two rounds, with only two groups advancing to the final. The event will be hosted by Downtown Lesli Brown. Each group was chosen by a community-based cultural panel hosted by Nicole Robinson, a leader in the world of music, entertainment and event production.

The bands won’t be the only ones creating sound waves, as the contest judges bring their own flavor and credibility. Mia X is a hip-hop icon who is woven into Second Line marching band and culture. She will be joined by Curren$y, the Underground Rap King and the “Pilot” of the JetLife phenomenon. Christie Jourdain of The Original Pinettes, Associate Arts and Culture Director Alana Harris and Band Manager Chris Herrero will also serve as contest judges. Groups will be graded on stage appearance, material, energy, musicianship and innovation. DJ Kelly Green and Host Downtown Lesli Brown will provide the energy between sets, in addition to guest performances throughout the event.

In the first round, each group will be Second Line in the room, performing a traditional brass song. The second round will pay homage to the rich musical heritage of New Orleans, combined with artists of today in an ultimate collaboration. Each group will bring the sound of a Southern hip-hop artist, including Stone Cold Jizzle, Alfred Banks, $leazy EZ and Treety. The group left standing after three rounds of competition will be crowned the winner and will receive a grand prize.

“This kind of brass collaboration can only happen in New Orleans,” said hip-hop artist Treety. “The culture, people and groups are different here.”

Previous Red Bull Street Kings winners include the Stooges Brass Band in 2010 and the Original Pinettes who were appropriately named the Street Queens in 2013.

“It’s not just new,” said Natasha Harris of The Original Pinettes. “It’s the career, it’s the culture, it’s the family. To let the world see what we do in New Orleans is wonderful.

When: Saturday, September 24

Time: Doors at 2 p.m.

Location: Music Box Village – 4557 N. Rampart St. in New Orleans

Tickets on sale now!

All proceeds from ticket sales will support the following New Orleans organizations: Dinerral Shavers Foundation, Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp and Roots of Music

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