Prisco’s pick for NFL Week 8: Vikings upset Cowboys, defense elevates Saints to Buccaneers


It finally happened. I had a great week in the NFL picking games across all three phases, straight, ATS, and with my best bets on the Pick Six podcast.

I went 9-4 straight, 8-5 ATS and 4-2 with my best bets. It improves my season records to 66-47 in a row, 57-47-3 ATS and 22-22 with my best bets.

It’s time to get back on track with the best bets. When it comes to my overall ATS picks, I started strong and quickly disappeared with losers in the Sunday and Monday night games.

Hopefully the hot streak continues and Halloween weekend doesn’t turn those choices into a spooky mess.

Latest odds:

Arizona Cardinals -6.5

It’s the game of the week. The two teams are a 13-1 combined and the winner can claim the best NFC title. It should be an offensive shootout, as both defenses will have trouble slowing down the other team’s quarterback. At the end of the day, I think being home in a short week will give the Cardinals the edge. The impact of not potentially having Davante Adams will be too difficult for the Packers to overcome.

To take: Cardinals 31, Packers 26

Latest odds:

New York Jets +10.5

The Bengals come off an impressive win last week as Joe Burrow rolls and the defense plays well. They get a drop in competition against the Jets, who will not have Zach Wilson. There could be an early disappointment for Cincinnati, but the Bengals will dominate in the second half.

To take: Bengals 31, Jets 13

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Latest odds:

Indianapolis Colts -1

It’s a big game in terms of division. The Titans beat the Colts earlier this year at home, but this group of Colts have improved a lot from this team. But I still think the Tennessee running game will be too much for the Indianapolis defense. Derrick Henry arrives in force as the Titans take a stronghold in the division.

To take: Titans 23, Colts 17

Latest odds:

Houston Texans +14.5

The Rams didn’t play well beating the Lions last week. This week they get another of the league’s last teams in the Texans. Houston is no longer even in competition. The Rams will enter Houston and take a big win as Matt Stafford lights up that defense.

To take: Rams 36, Texans 14

Latest odds:

Cleveland Browns -3.5

It’s a big game inside the division, but the Browns will be without Baker Mayfield. This means that it is even more urgent that they throw the ball. They’ve been doing it all year, but the Steelers’ defense is solid. The Browns defense played better against the Broncos and I think it continues. The Browns take him with Case Keenum as quarterback.

To take: Browns 27, Steelers 21

Latest odds:

Detroit Lions +3.5

The Eagles play back-to-back road games which is a challenge. They didn’t look good on the road against the Raiders. The Lions have just suffered a heavy loss to the Rams. They played well, but I think the Eagles are still the better team. Jalen Hurts will bounce back and play well.

To take: Eagles 28, Lions 23

Latest odds:

Chicago Bear +4

These two teams are really struggling, especially at the quarterback position. This gives the appearance of a defensive battle. The biggest shift is the 49ers ‘front against the Bears’ offensive line. I think Nick Bosa and the company are pushing take-out, which leads to short fields. The 49ers win it.

To take: 49ers 22, Bear 17

Latest odds:

Atlanta Falcons -3

The Panthers and Falcons are going in opposite directions, with the Falcons winning two in a row, while the Panthers have lost four straight. Atlanta has played well up front this season, while the Panthers are struggling on this side of the ball. Atlanta continues its momentum. The hawks seize it.

To take: Falcons 27, Panthers 20

Latest odds:

Bison bills -13.5

The Bills are coming off a pass after a tough loss to the Titans, while the Dolphins are on a six-game losing streak. The Bills beat the Dolphins earlier this season when Tua Tagovailoa was eliminated from the game. He’s back, but that’s okay. Buffalo will get back on track.

To take: Tickets 33, Dolphins 17

Latest odds:

Los Angeles Chargers -5

It’s a long trip against a team coming off a pass to the Patriots. It’s always a challenge, but it’s even more difficult against a good Chargers team who lost last time. I think the Chargers and Justin Herbert will bounce back from that loss and play well here. Chargers take it and cover.

To take: Chargers 30, Patriots 20

Latest odds:

Seattle Seahawks -3

The Jaguars are coming out of their pass after winning for the first time two weeks ago. Seattle is in free fall without Russell Wilson. But it’s a tough journey for a young team to a tough place to play. The Seahawks get a well-deserved victory.

To take: Seahawks 23, Jaguars 17

Washington soccer team (+3) to Denver Broncos

Latest odds:

Denver Broncos -3

Both of these teams have had major problems lately. The Broncos have offensive issues, but they also have a ton of injuries on defense now. Washington played better on defense last week against the Packers, which is a good sign. I think it will continue here. Washington wins in upheaval.

To take: Washington 23, Denver 17

Latest odds:

New Orleans Saints +5.5

This is a classic clash of the Tampa Bay offense against the Saints’ defense. The Saints beat the Bucs twice in the regular season last year, but the Bucs won in New Orleans in the playoffs. This crowd will be very different, which will make it even more of a challenge. I think Jameis Winston will take revenge on his old team through defense. The saints immediately prevail.

To take: Saints 26, Bucs 20

Latest odds:

Minnesota Vikings +1.5

Both teams come off a pass so they will be rested. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott needed a rest with his injured calf, so he should be good to go. The Vikings have played solid football in the last two games, but this is a big step forward in the competition. Look for a lot of points in this one, but I’ll go with an upset home team.

To take: Vikings 28, Cowboys 27

Latest odds:

Kansas City Chiefs -9.5

It should be a good game for the Chiefs. The defense is not good, but it was the bad play of the attack that surprised some. It will be up to them to turn around. Patrick Mahomes has been struggling lately, but he won’t be doing it in this one. The great chefs.

To take: Heads 33, Giants 16

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