Parental supervision: “Confronting” images of dangers with strangers leads to emotional disengagement


‘Confronted’ footage of a ‘sick’ playground experience involving Australian children led to an emotional release of the new parenting series of 9.

‘Confronted’ Pictures of Every Mom and Dad’s Worst Nightmare Led to Emotional Release of New Channel 9 Series Parental guidance.

The show, hosted by parental expert Dr Justin Coulson and today Ally Langdon, sees 10 different groups of parents with different parenting styles go through a series of challenges to decide which style is best.

In tonight’s episode, the children of five parents were sent to the park with a nanny and approached by an actor posing as a stranger with a dog, wanting to show the children his other puppies.

The footage of the encounters elicited an emotional reaction from all the families, nothing more than avowed “helicopter parents” Rachel and Sam.

When asked about her take on the ‘routine parents’ of Brett and Tony’s four sons who follow the stranger to the park, a tearful Rachel replied,’ Sorry, I just need two minutes. Before leaving the room.

The mother-of-two previously said during the other children’s video that she felt “sick, really sick” – and after returning to the set, she revealed why.

“As a survivor [of childhood sexual abuse at age 5], watching this challenge was so difficult because it was a small performance of a piece from my childhood, ”she explained.

“It all got overwhelming and it was pretty intense. ”

Brett and Tony were also in tears after seeing their sons follow the stranger.

“Brett and I are very scared – probably because I’m a social worker and he’s a teacher, we hear about these stories all the time,” Tony said.

Host Ally Langdon, who became more and more emotional as the challenges progressed, apologized to the parents, saying “we knew this one was going to be really tough.”

“But it’s really important that we talk about it and break each down,” she added.

“Every family at home watching is going to rethink the conversation they have around an alien danger. Because we are all wondering right now what the kids would do in such a situation. It’s incredibly, incredibly difficult.

Even for the “French nouveau” parents, Yann and Donna, whose daughter Harper did not go abroad, attending the meeting was no less difficult.

“It’s a showdown,” Donna said, wiping away tears.

“We are really lucky to have been able to find ourselves in a situation where we were able to test it. I said [to Harper], there are people who are really not well, they could take you, they could blackmail us. We’ve had these conversations, but you don’t think it’s going to happen to you.

Asked about a strategy they employ to help other parents teach their children about foreign danger, Yann said the couple urge his daughter “to have a critical eye on everything, even the parents.”

“There is nothing you should follow blindly, no law, no authority, nothing,” he added. “[We tell her to] question everything. ”

Dr Coulson said that “teaching our children to develop their own critical thinking skills is invaluable”, especially in a scenario like that of alien danger.

“It helps them cope with the challenges that life throws at them, especially when the parents are not around,” he explained.

“You can encourage critical thinking in your children by pretending to be role-playing or just giving them real-life situations and asking them, ‘What would you do? if were you in that situation? ‘

Parental Guidance airs on Channel 9 at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

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