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Octavio Ocaña, sad family celebrations, “waste” | Instagram

Waste! This is how Octavio Ocaña’s mother described her holiday season, after having lived these special dates without her son, just 22 years old, who died in October 2021.

Ana Lucía Ocaña shared a post on social networks where you can see different photographs next to her family and Nerea Godínez, even where you can see that her son Octavio Ocana He was present at all times, as a framed photo of him accompanied them.

The common denominator in the clothes of the Pérez Ocaña family was black, in mourning, thus also demonstrating the strong pain of the departure of Octavio Ocaña. The actor who brought Benito Rivers de Vecinos to life has been sadly missed by those close to him.

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A really painful message, but one that surely does not live up to the intense pain a mother must feel after losing her son, shared the mother of the famous Televisa actor on social networks.

Receive the year with heartbreaking pain and waste for our child but stand up for our child ❣️.

Octavio Ocaña, sad family celebrations, “waste”. Photo: Capture.

Ana Lucía Ocaña made it clear that despite the painful situation, the family union keeps them upright and fights to obtain justice for Tavito and continue living to perpetuate his legacy.

The one who also shared her sadness at that time was Tavo’s sister, sharing photographs very similar to those posted by Octavio Ocaña’s mother with a message that was also quite sad.

Bertha Ocaña expressed that the only good thing about 2021 is being able to experience unique moments with her brother, the same ones that she keeps in her heart, according to Ocaña, they enjoyed several weekends together, visits and the like.

Bertha also said that 2021 was the worst year of her life, that it was more than difficult to have to recognize her brother’s body and that she does not know if life is enough to overcome it; assures us that the difficult event changed his life forever.

The young woman claims to be angry with God, against life and to have moved away from everyone after suffering the loss of her brother whom she loved so much. But she also assures that the goal of her and her family is to seek justice for Octavio Ocana, clarify what happened and that those responsible are paying for what happened.


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