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Patna: Fears of a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic haven’t stopped the Patnaites from planning their New Year’s celebrations. Since the zoo, parks and Gandhi Maidan have been closed by the state government until January 2, many people are studying the possibilities and making a list of places where there will be no restrictions on celebrations. Since cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants or eateries and museums will remain open, the young people have decided to gather at these places on New Years. Some of them also plan private parties on the terrace. from their home because the state does not impose a nighttime curfew.
Priya Sharma, law student and resident of Patel Nagar, told this newspaper on Thursday: “When it was announced that the parks would be closed for New Years, I immediately bought five movie tickets. I planned to go shopping with my friends after the movie. In the evening, I will spend time with my family and loved ones at a small gathering.
Ashutosh Ranjan, a middle school student, had also planned to see a movie, but “had no idea that getting a ticket would be so difficult.” “Now people have very few options for New Year’s celebrations,” he lamented.
Ratan Singh, general manager of a shopping center in Patliputra settlement, said: “Instructions have been given to all staff and security personnel to ensure that the shopping center cannot accommodate more than 4,000 visitors at a time. given moment. On December 25, the mall’s total attendance was 67,000, so we’re taking extra precautions this time around.
Ritu Sinha, a resident of Boring Canal Road, will have lunch outside with her husband and close relatives on Saturday. She said: “Due to the expected rush to restaurants, I have already made a reservation.”
On the other hand, Anu Singh and her husband, Utpal, decided to organize a New Years Eve patio party for family and friends. “We don’t know where we will be going on January 1 as most of the popular hangouts will be crowded,” said Anu, a resident of Rukunpura.
Meanwhile, restaurants and hotels in the city have New Years plans that include a special dinner menu, a DJ, a candlelit dinner, and a non-alcoholic night.
A themed evening, “Unlock 2022 under the Sky”, will be held in a hotel near Gandhi Maidan. “With a professional DJ, a presenter and a singer, the party will allow parents to socialize without worrying about their children,” said the hotel manager.
While a special food festival will be held at a hotel in the New Dak Bungalow area, a Turkish dessert will delight guests at a hotel near the JP roundabout.

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