Miracle® Recreation names Churchich Recreation as an exclusive

OMAHA, Neb., Feb. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Miracle® Recreation, a pioneer in building exciting playgrounds for nearly a century, today announced an agreement with Churchich Recreation, LLC, to become Miracle’s exclusive distribution partner in Nebraska and South Dakota, expanding its territory. The contract marks a return to both states for the Churchich family, which began selling Miracle equipment there nearly 60 years ago.

Churchich Recreation’s Miracle territories now include Nebraska and South Dakota, as well as its existing territories in Colorado and eastern Wyoming.

“The addition of Nebraska and South Dakota to our Miracle Territory marks a return to a part of the country where we have deep family roots and decades of experience,” said Chris Churchich, director of Churchich Recreation. “Miracle makes high quality products that challenge and delight children, so that has always been a key part of what we offer communities. We look forward to representing Miracle – again – in the region where our family profession began.

Joseph Churchich, Chris’ grandfather, was a longtime park superintendent for Omaha City. The twelve-acre Churchich Park, named after Joseph, still exists at 50and Street and Chris’ father, Bob, grew up working in the parks and living in a house on Omaha park property.

Bob Churchich opened a Churchich Recreation agency in 1974 as an exclusive Miracle distributor in Colorado. Chris, who has been in the industry for over 25 years, took over from his father at the end of 2009.

Chris’ uncle, Ely, was the first member of the Churchich family to portray Miracle. His agency began selling Miracle playground equipment in Nebraska in 1966. Jeff Churchich, his son, eventually took over this business, which is now based in South Carolina and spans the Carolinas.

“The Churchiches are among Miracle’s original families, so when the opportunity arose to have them expand their business into their home country, Miracle and Churchich Recreation jumped on it,” said Mike Sutton, Vice President. worldwide sales for Miracle. “We are thrilled for them and, just as importantly, thrilled to bring this legacy of recreation expertise back to the communities of Nebraska and South Dakota.”

To learn more about Miracle Playgrounds, visit Miracle-Recreation.com.

About Miracle® Recreation
Founded nearly a century ago, Miracle Recreation inspires communities to develop kids with the character to lead tomorrow through its high-quality playgrounds. A division of PlayPower®, Inc., Miracle Recreation, is at the forefront of the world of exciting commercial outdoor playground equipment with the belief that a life of self-discovery, independence and leadership begins at a playground. This is where children take perceived risks, which challenge and transform them, opening their minds to new perspectives. To learn more, visit Miracle-Recreation.com.

About Church Recreation
Founded in the Rocky Mountain region in 1974, Churchich Recreation is a leader in outdoor recreation and commercial gaming in Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming. We ensure a personalized playground design experience from concept to installation, resulting in recreation and play areas that are endlessly fun, safe and designed to strengthen young minds and bodies by encouraging them to explore, interact and play. As evidenced by our decades-long relationship, Churchich’s recreation spaces are integral community assets that stand the test of time. To enrich your own community through play and recreation, visit www.ChurchichRecreation.net.


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