Meadow Lake wrestling group optimistic despite Winter Games withdrawal

“It was a very fun event [last time], but I understand that the atmosphere we experienced during the last Winter Games was probably not the same this time around with the lockdown protocols that were going to exist to protect children from COVID, ”he said. -he declares.

Brownrigg explained that the temporary closure of the club when the virus began to emerge and the implementation of several guidelines and policies had deterred people from returning to the organization.

Before the initial outbreak, the club had nearly 70 athletes and coaches in the organization. Since then, the club is currently made up of just three coaches and 13 athletes.

The nature of the sport demanded that all wrestlers be vaccinated, which Brownrigg said is a fair prerequisite, but he also mentioned that this would deter those against the vaccine from returning to the program.

Despite the bleak appearance of the development, Brownrigg believes the future of the sport at Meadow Lake still has a bright long-term future.

“I don’t care about the success of the club,” he said.

“Over the past six to seven years, Meadow Lake has had tremendous success. When COVID first hit, it was right at the end of the school season, and our women’s team proudly won the provincial championship. A few years earlier, our boys had won it.

Although the total number of people in the organization is much lower than it was almost two years ago, Brownrigg said the passion for the sport remains strong. As a coach for Northern Pikes and also at Carpenter High School, he highlighted the strength of the school team as a promising development.

“I think we will have even more athletes to join the program in the coming weeks, but we have a pretty big hill to climb to bring the club back to those numbers,” he said.

“I have no doubt the northern pike and wrestling will be here for a long time. There is a great future for wrestling in our community.

Brownrigg has said he hopes the wrestling team will be able to compete in tournaments at some point in the near future.

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