Man United Fan, six, will walk 15 miles to Old Trafford to raise money for the school’s playground

A six-year-old Manchester United fan will travel more than 15 miles to raise money for his school’s playground.

Harvey Goodman of Stockton Heath will walk from Stockton Heath Primary School to Hotel Football in the Class of 92 on January 29.

He will hike along the Trans Pennine Trail, passing through Lymm, Altrincham and Sale to finish his hike near Old Trafford ground.

Former United player Sammy McIlroy, 67, has confirmed he will join Harvey, his family and his teachers.

The football fan himself suggested the idea to his school principal to raise funds for his school’s playground, which is in need of refurbishment.

So far Harvey has raised more than his goal of £3,000 but the donations keep pouring in.

When asked how he felt walking for so long, Harvey replied, “Glad, I’ll be excited.”

Harvey Goodman will walk 15 miles to Hotel Football

Harvey is a lifelong Manchester United fan whose love of the game was inspired by his uncle John.

In his own words, has been to Old Trafford “many, many, many, many, many times”.

His favorite player is Luke Shaw, and while he thinks being a goalscorer for Manchester United would be his ultimate career decision, his second, more realistic career goal is to be a brain surgeon.

He has very detailed plans for how he would like the playground to look like once it’s been remodeled, he said:

“I want there to be a body of water and an earthen kitchen.

“With the earthen kitchen, we need 30 pipes and a tap, otherwise the mud will go all over the floor.

“I need a hiding place in the bushes.”

Harvey’s mother, Naiomi Goodman, said: “Initially the target was £3,000 but obviously a lot more is needed for a playground.

“We are incredibly proud of Harvey for wanting to do this for his peers.

“The importance of a good playground and physical activity at school plays a vital role in improving children’s attention spans, reducing stress and anxiety and preparing toddlers. little ones at work in class.

Stockton Heath Primary School Playground
Stockton Heath Primary School Playground

“It also improves motivation and helps kids try things they might not be inclined to try in a classroom.

“We are blown away by the support we have received from our friends, family, locals and passionate Manchester United fans.

“We reached the mid-term goal in a matter of weeks, it’s amazing to think that so many people are supporting him on his journey.

“Harvey is really enjoying his training, he is so committed and has really taken the trouble to fit his weekends into long walks and hikes.

“This march is a huge challenge for anyone, let alone a 6-year-old boy, but his determination is amazing to see.

“I know he will do a fantastic job that day. We are so proud of him.

Harvey will not be alone on the walk, as he will be joined by his family, his teacher Ms Realff and his homeroom teacher, Dan Harding, who praised Harvey’s initiative and said:

Harvey's walk will take place on Saturday, January 29
Harvey’s walk will take place on Saturday, January 29

“For a first year child (6 years old), planning to walk this incredible distance to raise funds for his school is truly exceptional.

“Harvey is a school counselor and really enjoyed learning about our plans for redesigning the outdoor areas of EYFS and Forestry School.

“He knows that a huge amount of money needs to be raised to make our plans come true.

“Being an avid Manchester United fan like Harvey, I am delighted to be taking part in the march myself and will be supporting Harvey all the way to Old Trafford.

“To think that a child of this age can be so generous, selfless and caring for the sake of his peers and the wider school community is truly humbling and I am so proud of him for even suggesting this challenge, let alone to have undertaken it.

“Harvey will have the whole school to boost him on Saturday, January 29, 2022.”

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