Look ahead, Pittsfield: No 4th of July parade this year, but the festivities are still rolling this holiday weekend | Local News


PITTSFIELD – The July 4 parade has been suspended for the second year in a row due to the pandemic, but Independence Day weekend will not be without festivities.

On Saturday, the Westside Legends are hosting a Party at Westside River Park, with music, food, poetry workshops and a treasure hunt. Mayor Linda Tyer will join a dedication ceremony at the city’s newest park on Dewey Avenue.

Fireworks will light up the sky above the city on July 4 during a display sponsored by the Pittsfield Suns and the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank. This is the first time in the parade’s 197-year history that it has been canceled for two consecutive years, and last year Pittsfield Community Television broadcast highlights from past parades.

Artistic walk of the first Fridays Return this week, featuring art exhibits in a number of indoor and outdoor spaces in downtown Pittsfield through July. For the first time, the Pittsfield City Center Cultural Association made it possible to view stops along the walk in person and virtually via a smartphone app.

Among the cultural offerings in July: the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts will host the show “I Am Part of Art” which features works by over 100 artists with disabilities; Hotel on North will feature artist Jesse Tobin McCauley “HAPPY … a traveling art show”; and the Pittsfield Unitarian Universalist Church will display photographs by Linda Merry and organizers will showcase murals of downtown Pittsfield featuring works by Jay Tobin, Stephanie Quetti, Mike Carty and more.

The week before the holidays is light for the business of the city. On Monday, the Licensing Board will hear requests to expand outdoor dining options that several Pittsfield restaurants have adopted during the pandemic. He will also hold a “show cause” hearing with D&K Affordable Motors, the used car dealer who the city’s fire inspector says is storing too many vehicles at his Dalton Avenue property.

Next Thursday, the Parks Commission will organize a public tour of the Springside Park site where several mountain biking organizations have offered to create a biking course. Faced with the repression of several residents opposed to the project, the promoters are call supporters to attend the visit.

The site walk begins at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the entrance to 874 North St. in Springside Park, after which participants will proceed to the Berkshire Athenaeum where the public is invited to comment on the project starting at 7:00 p.m.

And finally, the city launched a recycling awareness campaign last week that runs through August and aims to “promote good recycling habits” by residents, featuring a video with the Commissioner for Public Services and Public Services Ricardo Morales.

“We know a lot of people in Pittsfield are already recycling. It’s a good thing and we know they are doing it because they care about our city, ”Morales said in a city statement. “However, we know that when recycling isn’t done properly, it actually contributes to more waste and higher disposal costs. With this new campaign, we will share with the public various tips showing them how to recycle properly.

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