Join the Party Animals with two new free Xbox games

Xbox Games With Gold is back, bringing a few more free games to the masses of Xbox gamers. These two are also very good – allowing you to join the Party Animals.

For us, it is the free gift of shiny Yoku’s Island Express which is the highlight of the Xbox Games With Gold program for May 2022, but right behind come a few other titles – which are now free to download.

These games are, in no particular order, the very fun Viva Pinata: Party Animals and The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk.

Let’s take Party Animals first and while we’d rather it be the original Viva Pinata game that’s been stripped of its price tag for the next two weeks, we’ll take this one. Normally priced at £8.99, it takes us to the land of the colorful Pinata, as we have the chance to become a proper old party animal.

A host of mini-games will launch in Party Animals, as Viva Pinata does away with the sandbox-style gameplay that originally made it such a hit. From there, all the fun ensues, as you work your way through the 40+ events on offer, proving you’re a champion party animal.

You’ll find a Party Animals download available on the Xbox Store, with a zero price tag attached until the end of May. Just make sure you download native xbox 360 game.

Next to that is The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk. A much newer game (released in 2017 on Xbox One), The Last Wind Monk takes what was good about The Inner World and works with it, advancing the story and giving players the chance to join a band of unlikely heroes.

Pointer-clickers rarely get old and it’s certainly an enjoyable game. In reality, while we were somewhat shocked by the asking price in our review (something you don’t have to worry about when you bring it home via GWG) If you were a fan of the original release, then getting involved with The Last Wind Monk is a no-brainer.

Pick it up from the Xbox Store. By flashing your Xbox Live Gold sub at the gate, you’ll be able to download this one for free until mid-June.

With new Xbox Games With Gold titles on the scene, that means we have to say goodbye to a few older games. While Yoku’s Island Express is still free, those previous Hydro Thunder Hurricane GWG goodies and – going back further to the April 2022 giveaways – the Color change prices will both go up.

Let us know which of The Last Wind Monk and Viva Pinata Party Animals you will play first.

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