Inside IPNC: The 72-Hour Oregon Marathon for Wine Lovers

The 36th annual IPNC was held on the campus of Linfield University. I relied heavily on the IPNC app on my phone to see my schedule and location of events.

This is the first year the app has been used and it was such an easy way to navigate the IPNC festivities. The app also had information about speakers, featured wineries, and chefs. I specifically referenced the app to see the schedule for the shuttle service, which ferried attendees from local hotels to the Linfield campus.

On day one, I attend the Through Rosé Colored Glasses seminar, which featured sparkling Pinot Noirs from around the world.

Courtesy of IPNC

My experience began at 9am with a tasting of twelve sparkling wines from regions ranging from South Africa and Australia to Oregon. At each tasting, we were able to hear the winegrowers talk about their processes. It was like going behind the scenes to ask questions about the wines I was tasting, straight from the source.

The seminar was followed by lunch on the university lawn, where we enjoyed a multi-course meal accompanied by more wine.

I was super excited to see other black attendees and felt a sense of pride seeing black women like IPNC board member Tiquette Bramlett boldly show up in a predominantly white space. .

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