How to join and leave a party

Joining and leaving a party in Lost Ark is incredibly simple for MMORPG veterans, but it might take a bit of getting used to for newcomers to the genre.

The party system in lost ark is pretty straightforward, and it’s becoming more accessible and easier to understand as new game updates come out. That’s not to say there are only a few questions left to answer, especially when it comes to new players.

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How exactly does the party system work and how are friends supposed to unite to lost ark‘s Abyssal Dungeons or maybe even the Valtan Raid that was added in May? This guide will tell you everything there is to know about the party system in lost ark.


How to invite, join and leave a party in Lost Ark

Join a group in lost ark is actually extremely simple, but many players don’t know the most efficient way to send invites and spend unnecessary time browsing the lost ark plethora of menus. There are several ways to invite a player to join a party, for example:

  1. If they are on the same screen: Players can simply hold Ctrl and right-click on a player of their choice, and a drop-down dialog should appear that contains a host of different features, with “Party Invite” being one of them.
  2. If they are on the friends list: For players who have already added their friends to their friends list, inviting them to a party is even easier. They will simply need to open the friends list (U key by default), scroll to the invited player, then right-click on their name. After that, they have to click on “Invite to a party” again.
  3. If they are not on the same screen or in the friends list: This last option occurs quite frequently since 99% of the lost ark late-game content is faster with a party, but players don’t want to waste time bifrosting just to invite each other. Essentially, if a player in zone chat (or any other chat, for that matter) is the one a player wants to invite, all they need to do is find their chat message, right-click on it and from the same dropdown as the other methods should appear.

Leaving a party is as easy as joining one. To leave a party in lost arkall a player has to do is Ctrl + right click their own name in the party menu on the left side of the screen, and a “Leave Party” option should appear. It is also good to know that party leaders can use this same method to expel party members by Ctrl + right click the name of the person to be hit.

How the Lost Ark Party System Works

Anyone familiar with MMORPGs or any game of a similar genre will probably instinctively understand the lost ark Party System almost immediately. It works like most other party systems in games, with players able to join, leave, and kick members of their party at their discretion. For most standard content, the party system caps out at four players, with that number rising to eight for some content like Abyss Raids. When players join the same group, they can see all the information they will need on the left side of the screen. This includes:

  • A health bar for each party member with their name inside that monitors their current health.
  • An icon for their specific class.
  • A black box above their health bar showing which server they are on (this does not show up if they are on the same server as the player)
  • Any buff/debuff icons under their health bar that show their class, food, and any other outside sources boosting or pushing back their stats.
  • A darkened bar will indicate that the party member is currently in a different channel, and the game also shows which channel they are in directly above their HP bar.

Again, this all might seem painfully basic to MMORPG veterans, but knowing what information is available in these party system visuals is really important when combat gets chaotic and players need to gather vital information at all times. .

lost ark is now available on PC.

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