Here are some ways to stay on track with your diet and health, even during the festivities.


Last week we discussed some issues that can arise due to the holiday cheer and binge eating. It’s the last day of the year and the celebration is still going on, so as promised, today let’s discuss some more tips we can take over the weekend to keep our overall health in place.

Rest your sweet buds

Late night meals, including junk food and processed foods, that are too sweet can slow down our digestion and gut motility, leading to constipation. Foods fried on the outside are high in omega 6 and saturated fat, which will increase inflammation and fat build-up in the body, which can also affect liver health and slow down our digestion process.

● Add a teaspoon of raw flax seed powder to your salad for Omega 3 which will help reduce inflammation in the body.

● Water consumption is important to flush toxins from the body. Drink ajwain or fennel water or infused water adding lemon / orange / cucumber / mint etc. in the water to keep the body as alkaline as possible.

● Increase vegetables in your meal as fiber will add volume to movement and help overcome constipation.

● If you still suffer from constipation, you can soak two prunes or figs for 5-6 hours, then chew them well around bedtime, then sip a cup of lukewarm water after that to relieve any constipation.

More acidity

A sweet or high calorie meal can make the body more acidic and will also slow down the body’s metabolism which can affect the weight loss process for many. The sugar molecules in the body work with the protein fiber, especially collagen and elastin, making them misshapen and stiff and this process is known as glycation which makes the skin discolored, weak and less elastic, thus accelerating the aging process. It can increase the sugar levels in the body and keep the body acidic, which can also increase inflammation.

● If you ate more sweets in one meal, make sure the next meal is lighter on digestion, such as homemade khichdi with salad, etc.

● Cinnamon powder can be taken after a meal to control sugar levels and improve metabolism. Plus, cinnamon also helps control sweet cravings.

● Due to too much sugar consumption, the body may crave more sugar. Keep the cardamom between your teeth and chew it gradually to overcome the craving for sweet.

Try to follow these tips during the festivities, but also be sure to keep exercising or training, which is very important to avoid bowel problems. Take at least 30 to 45 minutes a day for brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, and strength training. Various studies have also shown that exercise promotes the growth of probiotics or good gut bacteria in our body which produce butyrate which can further promote repair of our gut lining and reduce inflammation. Thus, it is essential to add exercise during the festivities to control the inflammation of the intestine and avoid problems. So let’s take advantage of the holiday season and make sure we take care of our stomachs, as well as our overall health.


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