Groups from southern Saskatchewan and Montana team up to create cross-border tours


A group from southern Saskatchewan has partnered with Missouri River Country in Montana to organize cross-border tours.

South Saskatchewan Ready was created to provide strategies and plans to mitigate the negative economic impacts of the transition from coal.

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The federal government has committed to shutting down most coal-fired power plants by 2030.

Tourism is one of the industries the group is considering to stimulate economic activity.

Sean Wallace, managing director of South Saskatchewan Ready, said the idea came about after he recalled living in New Brunswick, near the border.

“We know that provincial governments often have agreements with some of our cousins ​​to the south. We know the federal government has agreements with other countries in terms of trade and economic development, ”Wallace said.

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“So we basically said, ‘Well, you know what, I don’t think there is a reason why we couldn’t consider making a deal with some people that we’re very close to on the border with. of Montana to develop certain tourism products. “”

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Wallace said the partnership is a way to better access the US market and vice versa.

This week’s announcement that the land border will open for non-essential travel on November 8 is good news for both groups.

Wallace said the groups plan to create routes that incorporate attractions in each community.

“We basically want to do routes that have a good flow that we can visit every community in both regions and not do a lot of backtracking,” Wallace said.

There will be eight included counties in Montana and nine communities in Saskatchewan; Bengough, Coronach, Rockglen, Willow Bunch, MR of Bengough, MR of Happy Valley, MR of Hart Butte, MR of Poplar Valley and MR of Willow Bunch.

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“The attractions in each community will be part of the itinerary, no one will be left behind,” Wallace said.

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“This is a valuable partnership for South Saskatchewan Ready and Missouri River Country in Montana. We look forward to increasing tourism and the economic impact it will have on our regions, ”said Carla Hunsley of Missouri River Country, MT.

Wallace thanked Tourism Saskatchewan, as well as the federal and provincial governments for their support and financial assistance throughout the Coal Transition Group’s mission.

Itineraries will be available in May on the South Saskatchewan Ready Website and that of Montana Missouri River Country website.

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