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IGG Unveils All-New Product From Its Proprietary Interactive Platform – Building On The Company’s Intent To Bring Great Streaming Entertainment To People Around The World

WinParty is the innovative new gamification and streaming hub of the Interactive Gaming Group (IGG) which brings together streamers and content creators from different services and rewards viewers for their viewing time. The ecosystem is controlled by a virtual currency, rewarded to users who watch a streamer of their choice. The currency can then be spent in the section of the store where users can win prizes ranging from free spins to a plethora of gift cards.

IGG Product Manager Rosario Basilotta, who previously held creative roles at video game development giant King, and was behind product development for Rovio’s Angry Birds game, said of the new launch: “The development of WinParty started in early 2020. We wanted to bring to market an engaging new product, connecting streamers, viewers and brands. Live streaming is changing the way people connect online and WinParty takes the streaming experience to the next level. WinParty is the only place to go to watch your favorite live streamers and connect with them in a more engaging and rewarding way.

IGG Business Development Manager Carl William Christiansson added: “Every 20 seconds our users spend watching streams they are rewarded with virtual coins that they can use to open a safe and win a prize. . The data we collect from our users proves that they love WinParty, and the engagement level and session length is higher than any other new streaming platform. Streamers, content creators and brands all over the world are interested in WinParty and the number of new members is increasing day by day. They are drawn to our model and the additional ways we offer them to interact with and monetize their audience.

WinParty bridges the gap

The new platform functions as a bridge between operators, suppliers and users. With virtual currency, viewers are encouraged to watch and play, try out a recently released game, or open an operator-branded safe that could include free spins on their casino, to name a few. – some of the features.

Over the past three years, IGG has launched some of the most popular igaming streaming channels on Twitch. The company currently works with more than 1,000 creators, hundreds of game and non-game brands in more than 30 markets. The launch of its proprietary platform comes against the backdrop of strong growth recorded over the past year.

IGG aims to provide access to all upcoming creators to better monetize their talent by connecting them to viewers and brands through its interactive platform.

“Live streaming is still in its infancy and we are working hard at Interactive Gaming Group on new features to improve and develop WinParty, and to bring new products to market as we ‘inspire the world to play’,” Basilotta said.

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Interactive Gaming Group (IGG) is a leading digital entertainment and media technology company, connecting creators, viewers and brands globally. Founded in 2017 and operating in Malta and Spain, IGG’s vision is to “inspire the world to play” and deliver great streaming entertainment to people around the world.

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