Eloise’s moment that went too far in Bridgerton season 2

In the Season 2 finale of “Bridgerton,” all it takes is a sarcastic slip-up for Penelope to reveal herself as Lady Whistledown to Eloise. Eloise confronts her best friend, and although they are real ladies, things get pretty nasty between them. To be fair, Eloise is an ardent supporter of Lady Whistledown until she becomes the gossip columnist’s number one target, which makes her anger a little hypocritical. However, Penelope’s lies are more blatant as she is a friend who uses her intimate relationship with Eloise only to betray her. Eloise’s removal from Penelope is deserved, but Eloise goes overboard when she calls Penelope a “tasteless wallflower”.

Regency-era mean girl Cressida Cowper (Jessica Madsen) uses those words to describe the youngest of the Featheringtons in Episode 1. Although Penelope assures Eloise there are benefits to not to be seen, Penelope relishes the praise, proving that she wants people to notice her, even if she can’t take the credit. Eloise’s insult validates Cressida’s opinion and has fans wondering if those thoughts may have lingered in her mind all along. Penelope can be many things, but she’s never intentionally cruel.

Cruelty can come easily to the Bridgertons illustrated, not just by Eloise but also by a thoughtless remark from Colin (Luke Newton) moments later that leads to Lady Whistledown returning after a brief respite. With the loss of her two closest confidantes, will Eloise heed Madame Delacroix’s (Kathryn Drysdale) advice that “women’s ambitions” should have no limits?

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