Eagle Scout Updates St. Henry Community Club Playground

Jackson (yellow) and volunteers posed for a photo on the new playground equipment. Photos provided.

Jackson Smith was looking for a suitable Eagle Scout project to undertake when he appeared before him while helping with a fundraiser at St. Henry’s Park.

The 17-year-old was helping organize a barbecue to raise money for the Forest Park football team – he is a linebacker and guard – when he noticed the field and equipment might need repairs. He was looking for a project to take on to earn his Eagle Scout and when he approached the president of the St. Henry Community Club, Jackson was given the green light.

For about three days, Jackson was joined by fellow Scouts and family to sand, scrape and clean playground equipment.

They repainted the equipment and replaced the old swings along with a new geometric dome climber. The railway sleepers acting as a restraint for the gravel-covered ground were replaced and more rocks were added to level the play area.

It was hard work that took place as a graduation party was happening at the nearby club.

Jackson, a member of St. Anthony Troop 189, has been part of the scouts since he was six years old. His goal has always been to earn his Eagle.

Jackson is entering his final year at Forest Park. His parents are Scott and Brandie Smith.

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