Daily Logistics Group (DLG) takes over the logistics activities of GIST Nederland

From August 28, 2022, Daily Logistics Group (DLG) will take over the logistics activities – together with the relevant employees – from GIST Nederland. This involves taking over the logistics services for flowers and plants mainly in Benelux and Export to the United Kingdom.

The takeover concerns a distribution center in Bleiswijk (NL), 145 units and 75 employees and will be a further improvement of the existing services of the Daily Logistics Group (DLG).

GIST Nederland is known for its expertise, excellent customer service and modern vision of logistics operations in the flower and plant sectors. This takeover creates a direct specialization in this market which will bring added value to the network in the Benelux and to exports to the United Kingdom.

“The resumption of these activities will strengthen our logistics services. Rapid changes throughout the supply chain world were the reason we made this strategic decision to expand and strengthen our services. We have noticed that the flower and plant sector fits perfectly into our existing services. With the acquisition of GIST Nederland, we immediately create a solid place in this market segment. Thanks to this move upmarket, we are able to offer our customers an even better range of services. Upgrading is also necessary to be able to keep pace with flexibility, energy transitions and digitalisation,” says Joost Visbeen, CEO of Daily Logistics Group (DLG).

Julian Bailey, MD of Gist Nederland: “The sale of this business is a strategic decision to give a new direction to the company. We are delighted that our employees are taken over by a family business like DLG. »

Daily Logistics Group (DLG) is a family business with 135 years of experience. Their strength is to combine national and international logistics operations, using multimodal combinations (road, water and rail). Transport to and from the UK is a strong base for DLG Dailyfresh, which will continue to grow here. The other divisions DLG Perishables and DLG Overseas are also on track to realize these ambitions.

GIST is a logistics specialist that combines industry-leading experience and expertise to transform supply chains. With specific understanding, know-how and excellence in the food logistics industry, Gist’s solutions provide end-to-end visibility and implementation, from concept to delivery. Gist has over 6,000 employees and offers a full range of intellectual and asset-based businesses for the food manufacturing and hospitality industries. Gist’s customers (including Starbucks, Marks and Spencer and 2 Sisters Food Group) operate in a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors, including grocery and foodservice.

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