Customers order specialty food from Disney, looks nothing like advertised

Known as “The World’s Most Magical Celebration,” Disney World began its anniversary festivities on October 1, 2021 to commemorate exactly 50 years since Magic Kingdom opened its doors in 1971.

Credit: Disney

Disney Parks Blog shared some exciting details about Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, writing:

Beginning October 1, Walt Disney World Resort will host “World’s Most Magical Celebration” in honor of our 50e anniversary, bringing new experiences to our four theme parks and beyond. This step is so important that we even coined a new word – “EARidescence” – to describe what you will see during your visit. Our Disney teams create all kinds of new decorations that will sparkle and sparkle all day and late into the night.

As part of the celebration, Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom park will add to its regal makeover from last year. As you can see in this new artist rendering, the castle will feature gold streamers and a 50th anniversary crest as part of its festive new look.

The castle will add even more magic at night, joined by icons in each of the other three theme parks as they transform into Beacons of Magic.

These 50th anniversary festivities won’t just be happening at the Magic Kingdom – they’ll be happening at all four theme parks, including Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom – as well as Disney Springs – stores and restaurants. of Disney district.

Credit: Disney

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In addition to rides and specials, Disney also offers 50th-themed food items, including the Swirls on the Water candy bar, which can be found at Disney Springs.

Below is a photo of the announced whirlpools on the water cone.

Swirls on the water treat from Disney World
Credit: Disney Springs

Guest and TikTok user magictreatsbyivanna decided to try the Swirls on the Water treat, but it looked nothing like the advertised photo. They said, “NOT BIG DEAL but it’s kinda funny 🤣”. You can see what his Swirls on the Water treat looked like below.

Whirlpools on water treatment
Credit: Screenshot via TikTok/magictreatsbyivanna

It’s safe to say that this Guest’s Swirls on the Water treat wasn’t Instagram worthy, but we hope it was still good!

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50th anniversary of Walt Disney World
Credit: Disney

For more information on Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, visit our website here.

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