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Celebration of Life: Earl L. Bakewell

Father’s Day Dinner 2004 (courtesy photo)

Earl L. Bakewell was welcomed into the world and into his family on July 26, 1930 at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. He died of natural causes on Tuesday September 22, 2020. In May 2020. Earl unfortunately contracted Covid 19 while a longtime resident in an Orange County nursing home, and was never able to fully regain normal health.

Earl was a proud son born in New Orleans, Louisiana. The community known as “Treme” within the 6th Quarter was where his family came from, and St. Peter Claver Catholic Church was where they practiced their faith and made true friendships. The family was Earl’s, followed by friends, food, music, and faith. The French Quarter was his playground and where he had expressed many moments of pleasure. It was also there that he learned his first activity in life, shining shoes. Yes, Earl built himself a little box of wooden shoe polish and started marketing his services…. Nickle a shine …… Nickle a shine, do you want a shine?

Earl and Pam in New York City (Courtesy Photo)

Earl attended Xavier University Preparatory for high school. The Nunes, faculty, and student body would affectionately connect with Earl until his passing. After graduating from his beloved Xavier Prep, he enlisted in the United States military. He had gone to serve his country and see other parts of the United States and the world. While in the military, he discovered he was gifted with leadership and administrative skills, which opened the door for him to quick promotions. During his tenure in the military, he found himself in New Jersey “Fort Dix”, New York, Japan, and then Korea. During the Korean War, he was stationed towards the front lines where he witnessed the war firsthand. During the conflict, he and other members of his division would collect money and materials to support the local orphanage and help where they could; he survived the Korean War. After serving six years in the military, it was time to return to the United States, especially New Orleans, and then to college.

Earl relocated with his family and enrolled at Xavier University with a major in business administration. During this time he started a business venture with his brother Frank. The business was a small neighborhood tavern, “The Cozy Corner,” which connected the local community and enabled them to apply the business principles he learned from Xavier.

Mr. Earl does his thing and is cool (courtesy photo)

In the winter of 1956, Earl left his beloved New Orleans for new opportunities in Los Angeles, California. Earl was among the many Crescent City residents to move to Los Angeles. Southern California was new, exciting and full of promise. Earl settled in the Crenshaw district among his compatriots in New Orleans. Earl has worked in the aerospace, hospitality and spirits, retail, automotive, legal and real estate industries. The lessons he learned as an entrepreneur in his beloved New Orleans, he put them to use in his new hometown of Los Angeles by starting several businesses – the Cazbar Cocktail / Jazz club, a nearby market. and a liquor store, Petroleum Transport and Real Estate. Let history note that Earl Bakewell was motivated and always strived for success. His ambitious dynamism has earned him all the comfort of success. He prided himself on being a well-dressed man, liked having the best cars and owning houses. Earl loved to share his success with his family. He was a generous man. Earl loved music and those who performed. As a child in New Orleans, he was surrounded by music and it started his love affair with music and song. While stationed in New York with the military, he began to study the art of opera. From that instruction, he used it as a platform for singing, and singing often. Singing was his hobby and his passion that he shared with his friends and family. When he would hear a few notes from Nat King Cole or Frank Sinatra, don’t be surprised if you heard his baritone voice overlapping the notes of the song.

In the latter part of his life, he left his beloved Los Angeles for the heat of Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, he and his beloved June would take advantage of all that Vegas has to offer. Visiting with friends would lead to dinner and drinks at a casino. Perhaps catch a show, where she might be asked to sing a song or two, or just enjoy the hot desert nights under the neon lights of the Vegas Strip. Earl loved Vegas.

1965 Club Casbah – Harry (Sweets) Edison, Boggie Red, Pros Flint, Glen Le Blanc (1) (Courtesy photo)

Earl was a son, brother, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He was the youngest son of Lawrence and Willamina Bakewell. His siblings: Marion Bakewell Carter and Frank J. Bakewell. Earl’s two sons: Michael Lance and Vernel. De Lance, he had three granddaughters: Consuelo Morgan, Angela Moore and Jackie Honaker. Earl was also Valencia Blanks Burner’s loving stepfather. In addition, he was the cherished uncle of Danny J. Bakewell, Sr., Pamela Bakewell (Pam’s godfather) and Lawrence G. Carter. In addition to the younger generations of the Bakewell family. For the past forty years (1980-2020) Earl has shared this life and love with his beloved Mrs. June Gaines of Las Vegas NV. If anyone knew Earl Bakewell, it was June. From the moment they met at the fragrance counter of the Sears department store in Inglewood, Calif. In 1980, it has been one adventure after another. Earl being the Don Juan he was, he told himself, this one is a keeper. And forty years later, the love story continues. A real blessing!

Earl, Harry Sweats Edison and Chris Edison 1967 (Courtesy photo)

As our family reflects on the loss of beloved Earl and his many accomplishments, everyone is confident to say that they are all blessed to be able to call him a life companion, father, grandfather, a great-grandfather, an uncle and a friend. We will always love you and we will always miss you. Rest in Peace Earl L. Bakewell

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