Cape Cod schools open for 2022/23 school year

Labor Day weekend has always been the unofficial “end” of summer. September is the best month of summer even though the calendar says the season ends on Thursday the 22nd of this year. Now schools and universities start in August and that endless summer feeling has faded.

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I am the product of my upbringing. My parents were both teachers, so as kids our family’s year revolved around the school calendar, which is why two of my favorite homework assignments to cover each year are the first and last day of school. . We weren’t “bus” kids because high school was one block away and elementary school about three.

Third graders Dorothy Rozelle, 8, left, and Gianna Gregory-McConnell, 8, catch up on a summer of adventures on the first day of school for students at Bourne Intermediate School on Tuesday.

My dad left home every day at 7:30 sharp for the five-minute walk to school. We usually took a wider path to make the trek with neighborhood friends. Towards the end of August, the class lists would be taped to the front door of the school. This was important information, including who your teacher would be and especially who else was in your main class. Would that include the girl you had a crush on or maybe the playground bully?

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When the Wednesday following Labor Day rolled around, we set off in our new school clothes, usually corduroy pants and a long-sleeved shirt — and new stiff shoes. Painful, yes, and still warm, shorts, a t-shirt and trainers would have been better suited to the weather.

The class seats were in rows, the names in alphabetical order, as “H”, I was in close contact with the F, G, I, J and K. Which year worked well in my favor when a new girl has moved in with the last letter of “J”, disrupting the usual order of things. But she was also a math expert and the apple of the eye of many fifth year boys and she was sitting right across from me. It was one of my best academic years.

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All of these memories tumbled through my brain over the past week with shutter speeds and f-stops as I walked the perimeter of the Bourne Intermediate School gymnasium watching the third graders. Arriving at a new school with new teachers, they lined up to make their way to the classroom. I followed the “welcome back” billboards, they were making new memories, I was reliving mine.

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