Calgary Flames affiliate Stockton Heat remains undefeated at Stockton Arena in AHL, says head coach Mitch Love

STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) – The Stockton Heat will get off to a flying start in 2021.

“I mean we have a great team, No 1, I mean everyone’s, we are successful, and it’s not one person who wins us games, it’s us as a group that let’s find ways, ”said Glenn, center for Stockton Heat. Gawdin.

In 20 games, the Calgary Flames affiliate sits atop the AHL Pacific Division with a 15-2-2-1 record and is the only team in the league to go undefeated in regulation at home .

“It’s good when you know that you can play well at home. We have to do it, half of our season is at home, so being able to play well in this building is huge for us, ”said Gawdin.

“You know it’s good for us, it’s good for our confidence as a team so you know I’ll say you know it’s good to win early but we still have some progress until the end of the season, “added Stockton Heat on left wing Jakob Pelletier.

While the main goal of the organization is to develop and advance their prospects, victories are greeted with open arms.

“When you have wins along the way, that’s added success for our group, but our guys, I think you can win hockey games and still develop yourself at the same time, and that’s what our guys recognize it right now and have a lot of fun doing it, ”said Stockton Heat head coach Mitch Love.

Part of the fun of this season is just being able to compete in California in front of the local crowd. Last year, the Heat played a shortened season in Canada due to the pandemic.

“Everyone loves to play in front of them, but when they’re taken out it makes it even more important that you miss them,” Gawdin said.

While the Heat are happy to perform in front of all fans this season, the front office told FOX40 attendance is down from its pre-pandemic standards.

Stockton Arena only fills about a quarter for most home games.

“They often say it’s the fastest sport on ice and one of the fastest sports in general, so bring your families, get off. I know our guys would like this building to be full every night, ”Love said.

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