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picture by: Derek Red

Students at Bridge Street Middle School are sprayed with colored powder by Elm Grove Lions Club member Mary Jo Graebe during a ‘color run’ as part of a Thursday celebration of improved standardized test scores .

WHEELING — On Thursday, the letter “B” was for Bridge Street Middle School — and principal Jessica Broski-Birch had a “B” carved into her already short hair.

Bridge Street students celebrated higher scores on standardized tests on Thursday with donuts, splashes of color and watching Broski-Birch get part of his scalp buzzed.

She had promised the students that if they achieved a cumulative proficiency score of 95% on their General Summative Assessment test, she would have the letter “B” for Bridge Street carved into her hair.

The students scored a cumulative proficiency score of 97% on the test, and she contacted her stylist – Luke Steed of Frederick’s Day Spa Salon – to come and bring her clippers.

Sixth graders performed best, so they got to sit in the gym and watch Steed buzz a circle on the left side of Broski-Birch’s scalp – while leaving a ‘B’ of hair in the middle .

Students from other classes in the school also performed well and joined in the celebration on the middle school playground. All students were able to take part in a “color run” by jogging twice around the school’s green space while members of the Elm Grove Lions Club and LEO Clubs threw colored powder at the t- white shirts they wore.

They also had the chance to hose down school staff in a dunk tank and sample donuts from a donut truck parked on the playground.

GSA test results indicated that Bridge Street students improved their math scores by 5 percentage points overall this year. Scores in English and language arts, meanwhile, rose 15%, according to Broski-Birch.

Students have a newly renovated school this year, where family photos and murals of well-known people doing great things hang in the hallways.

But Broski-Birch said after a long period of virtual learning, just being in the building with teachers and other young people has made all the difference for the students.

“I know parents have done their best,” she said of children learning at home during the pandemic.

Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kim Miller attended the celebration and praised the students for their efforts to improve.

“It didn’t happen overnight,” she told them. “Thank you for all your hard work.”

Miller also called Broski-Birch “a most amazing director.”

“She believes in you,” Miller said. “And she wants you to be the best version of you that you can be.”

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