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11Alive is where Atlanta talks. Here’s what some fans were saying as they walked home.

ATLANTA – Fans at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport were fully decked out in Braves gear Monday with hats, jerseys and even beads. There was no doubt as to which team they were hoping to win the World Series.

11Alive is where Atlanta talks. While many fans returned home, here’s what some had to say as they eagerly awaited Game 6.

Max and Tammi Allsep: die-hard Houston Braves fans

“When the Chop starts you can’t experience anything like this unless you’re here in person,” said Max.

Max and his wife Tammi were in Truist Park for the games this weekend.

“We had two games – so we came on Saturday and saw this win – awesome, awesome, awesome! And then yesterday? Not so much,” Tammi said.

Most fans 11Alive spoke to at the airport said the timing seemed right to win the series in Atlanta. Now they need to focus on at least one more game.

Matt Jaeger: Illinois Braves fan

“It’s what it is, it’s part of the top-down sport the joys of being a fan,” Jaeger said.

The loss in Game 5 was tough for the fans, but they still hope the Braves lead the series and only one win is left to win it all.

Clarence Barrios: New Orleans Braves fan

“We were hoping to close it, it would have been wild, but we are going out 3-2, so we will close it tomorrow, everything will be fine,” said Barrios.

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