Anti-abortion protester arrested after climbing Oklahoma City building

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A Las Vegas anti-abortion protester was arrested on Tuesday after climbing nearly 800 feet to the top of Oklahoma City’s Devon Tower.

La Maison Des Champs, also known as the “Pro-life Spiderman”, began its ascent around 8am.

A 911 call was made to Oklahoma City police just after 8:40 a.m., where they were told there was a “subject climbing the side of the building.” According to Captain Valerie Littlejohn of the Oklahoma City Police Department, officers arrived at the scene minutes later to begin putting security measures in place.

“It’s really difficult to do, considering the height of the building, obviously with the ladders and other things that the firefighters may not be able to put in place because of the height of the building. So just having the street closed, trying to have people in place to pick him up and make sure he’s okay and get him safely out of the building when he gets to a point where we can do it,” Littlejohn added.

Devon Tower is the tallest building in Oklahoma – it has 50 stories and the roof height is 844 feet.

By the time firefighters arrived, Des Champs had already reached the tenth floor, just beyond the reach of the department’s ladders.

“We have set up a unified command system with the police services, working closely with them. We put guys on the roof, we had guys on the ground trying to communicate with him as he climbed, trying to tell him the safest route and the safest way possible,” said the captain of the Oklahoma City Fire Department. Scott Douglas.

After an hour and a half of anticipation and advice from the fire department, Des Champs was helped to safety from the railing on the northwest side of the tower by firefighters.

As Des Champs was pulled from the ledge, he was greeted in handcuffs by Oklahoma City officers.

Maison Des Champs view climbing Devon Tower. (KFOR)

Des Champs was arrested shortly before 10 a.m. for disorderly conduct and trespassing. He was taken to the Oklahoma County Detention Center where he waited nearly eight hours for his treatment to be finalized.

According to Captain Littlejohn, the disorderly conduct charge was later dropped, meaning Des Champs was only charged with trespassing. His bail was set at $500.

Once released, Des Champs spoke with Nexstar’s KFOR about why he climbed Devon Tower.

“I climbed it to raise money for a charity called Let Them Live. We adopted a mum named Riley. And so what Let Them Live is going to do is they’re going to try and pay for housing or health care and then help her get a job so she doesn’t have to have an abortion,” Des Champs said.

Des Champs has done this trick before, as he has scaled tall buildings in San Francisco, New York, Detroit and Las Vegas.

When asked if he felt his ascension was a “waste of city resources,” he replied, “It’s a growing movement. But, you know, I could help them come up with a plan that would be better, I guess, to save resources.

Des Champs can be seen climbing again, but for now he said his lawyer recommends that he not release information about when and where.

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