10 Best Temporary Party Members In The Mainline Final Fantasy Games

In Final Fantasy, party members show up occasionally for a limited time. These characters are often in the game for a while and bring with them a wealth of power and usefulness.

Characters in Final Fantasy games leave for a lot of reasons. Betrayal, death or just going about their own thing.

A few of those moments when a party member left were sad but memorable in the franchise. It can be frustrating to see a character leave a party, but it’s also a blessing in some ways.

These outcomes often lead to important story developments or other characters joining in to replace a deceased teammate.

Best temporary party members in Final Fantasy

As this list focuses on the mainline Final Fantasy games, some characters who would have otherwise made this list have been disqualified, in particular Algus from Final Fantasy Tactics.

The nobleman, who joined the party early, turns out to be a disgusting person who handles the death of Delita’s sister and tries Ramza’s life as well.

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Some characters could have made the list but didn’t for other reasons. Banon is a fantastic example.

He is the leader of the Returners in Final Fantasy VI and briefly joined the group while traveling down the River Lethe. Although he is a useful character, with his “Health” ability, if Banon dies, it’s game over.

Banon was responsible for many users losing progress because they couldn’t stop Ultros from shooting the healer. For these characters, however, the criteria is based on several factors. These include how long the party lasts, what they contribute, and how fun and helpful the characters are.

Best Temporary Party Members

  • General Leon (FFVI)
  • Sephiroth (FFVII)
  • Seymour Guado (FFX)
  • General Beatrix (FFIX)
  • Aranea Highwind (FFXV)
  • Reddas (FFXII)
  • FuSoYa (FFIV)
  • Seifer Almasy (FFVIII)
  • Galuf Halm Baldesion (FFV)
  • Minwu (FFII)

10) General Leon (FFVI)

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At the start of Final Fantasy VI, players encounter Kefka, a psychopath who dresses like a jester and is madly obsessed with murder and power. On the other side of this room is Leo Cristophe, also known as General Leo. A highly respected commander in the Gestahl army, he is known as a man of morality and honor.

General Leo is only playable at some point in the game, no matter what weirdness YouTube may tell people. During Kefka’s attack on Thamasa, players control General Leo and his powerful “Shock” AOE command. He also has an offering equipped, so he attacks four times with his weapon.

He may have only been shown in-game a handful of times, but he left an indelible mark on FFVI fans everywhere.

9) Sephiroth (FFVII)

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It may be an unpopular opinion that Sephiroth is low on the list, but then again, he’s only playable briefly during a flashback for Cloud. During this time, players really got to experience what the greatest SOLDIER looks like.

He accompanied Cloud through Nibelheim, and he was more than a swordsman.

People spoke of Sephiroth with reverence, and this brief moment explains why. He does incredible damage to any enemy and has a massive list of spells he can cast.

In-game, he’s programmed to be invincible here, and that only adds to the mythos that Sephiroth is the most powerful and revered member of SOLDIER.

Although he only appears here as an ally, he is also the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII and duel Cloud at the end of the title.

8) Seymour Guado (FFX)

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Many antagonists end up becoming temporary party members, it seems. Leo isn’t evil and Sephiroth doesn’t start evil, but Seymour Guado is a deranged, manipulative person with incredible power and no morals.

During Operation Mi’hen, Seymour shows up to help Tidus and his friends when a Sinspawn shows up on the shore. The others had been pushed back, but a more powerful Sinspawn awaited. He masters powerful white and black magic spells and also has an Overdrive that can only be seen in this fight – Requiem.

Almost everything bad in Final Fantasy X can be linked to Seymour. He slaughters the Ronsos, grooms the heroes for murder, and attempts to become Sin so he can be the ultimate ruler of Spira’s cycle of life and death.

He’s one of Final Fantasy X’s last big bosses, but ‌briefly, he helps the party.

7) General Beatrix (FFIX)

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Throughout most of Final Fantasy IX, General Beatrix is ​​a force of nature, a boss that cannot be defeated. The group fights her three times and she dominates the battle each time. While Steiner is often seen as an incompetent but well-meaning doofus, Beatrix is ​​business.

A powerful swordsman, Beatrix believes her duties are paramount and will not hesitate to strike down anyone who threatens Alexandria. Her position is often said to make her feel alone, but she sees Steiner as a rival and eventually a friend.

Beatrix has access to Seiken’s powerful abilities, which resemble Steiner’s sword technologies. She also possesses healing magic and the powerful weapon “Save the Queen”. Her redemption arc is worthy, and she ultimately helps Freya and the others get Garnet, Zidane, and Vivia out of Alexandria.

6) Aranea Highwind (FFXV)

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The Imperial Dragoon, known as Aranea Highwind in Final Fantasy XV, is one of the game’s most interesting characters. Her motivations are often ambiguous, leading her to aid Noctis and his friends in the mission “A Party of Three”.

However, unlike many other characters who introduce themselves as a boss and party member, she can return later to help the party. In other parts of the game, Aranea has a chance to show up and help the party when fighting demons and other monsters.

A powerful and very mobile dragon, she will not hesitate to use the “Highwind” attack to dive and strike Noctis. He is a fascinating character with unknown goals and appears in the DLC, Episode: Prompto.

5) Reddas (FFXII)

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Reddas, real name Foris Zecht, is the ruler of Balfonheim and is also a well-known pirate. Haunted by his past actions, he tries to move on but cannot escape his past as a magistrate judge for the Archadian Empire.

As a party member, he is incredibly powerful and the fastest guest character next to Reks. He wears heavy armor, has great strength, access to exceptional gear, and several valuable boosts.

In Zodiac Age versions, he can cast Arise and Holy, and skills like 1000 Needles.

One of the best parts about Reddas (and other FFXII guest characters) is that he means the party can do some serious level work. So enjoy it while it’s there. Reddas makes a noble sacrifice during the Final Fantasy XII story, destroying the Sun-Cryst and saving the other.

He lost his life in the process, but his sacrifice saved many.

4) FuSoYa (FFIV)

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FuSoYa, also known as Mop or Better Tellah, is a Lunarian from the Red Moon. He watches over the sleep of the other Lunarians and briefly joins the party when they first arrive on the Moon.

An old man with long hair and a stately white beard, he is one of the oldest characters in the entire franchise. In Final Fantasy IV, he is a powerful wizard, having access to almost every spell in the game. When the party returns to Earth, FuSoYa leaves the party after defeating the Giant of Babil.

He can help defeat Bahamut more easily, giving Rydia her strongest summon while she’s still on the moon. FuSoYa reappears in Final Fantasy IV at the very end. He helps Golbez try to defeat Zemus, but fails.

3) Seifer Almasy (FFVIII)

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It just seems like Seifer Almasy was in the party forever. During the mission to Dollet, Seifer joined Squall and Zell, forming a team to complete the mission’s objectives. Seifer doesn’t like having them on his team, but takes matters into his own hands anyway.

He plays the same way as Squall but can use his Limit Break much easier. Unlike other characters, he can use Fire Cross without being at Critical HP (or under the influence of Aura). Like Seymour, Seifer first appears as an antagonist/party member and ends up being a boss fight multiple times throughout the game.

Seifer is a tragic character, however, and despite his good intentions and romantic dream of becoming a Witch Knight. He changed his mind late but spends much of the game as the main antagonist.

2) Galuf Halm Baldesion (FFV)

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Galuf Halm Baldesion is one of the Four Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy V. He joins the party with amnesia and is a powerful warrior despite his age. He excels in every physical job he is equipped with.

One of the legendary dawn warriors who fought Exdeath and was also a king. About halfway through the game, however, he perished. Making sure his friends were safe and free, Galuf collapsed and died. Krile would take his place in the party and inherit all of his professional abilities and skills.

Wielder of the Earth Crystal, Galuf is often light-hearted and relaxed, quick with jokes, and could make the most of dangerous situations. His death came out of nowhere and shocked players, but it made him one of the greatest acting Final Fantasy party members of all time.

1) Minwu (FFII)

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Final Fantasy II had the first instance of guest characters in franchise history. While the game itself had several guest characters coming and going, none of them matched the raw power and usefulness that Minwu brought to the game.

A white wizard from Mysidia, wearing a white turban and white robes. He has long served the Fynn Royal Family as a healer and mage. As a member of the party, he has a high spirit and magic and has access to an incredible array of powerful white magic.

Minwu also has the distinction of being the only playable white mage in the franchise in the main titles who is also male. Like Galuf, Minwu also sacrifices himself for the greater good, breaking the Ultima Seal.

It cost him his life, but he did it, knowing it would cost him. He was a selfless and noble character. On top of that, his spells were powerful and undeniably useful.

Many characters from Final Fantasy games who come and go very briefly are fondly remembered. Some, like Shadow, can join the party permanently, but most only appear for a brief window and disappear forever. While some may leave a lasting impression on fans, few were as memorable and useful as these characters.

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